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Our Bread

Sourdough: The king of breads

Our sourdough journey began more than a year ago and for us it quickly became an obsession. There is so much joy in pulling those fresh, handmade loaves out of our oven. That smell. That crust. That first bite!


At Grangecon Kitchen we are proud to bake our bread without the addition of extra yeasts, preservatives or sugars. We believe that shortcuts can be unhealthy (and less delicious!) so we make all our bread the slow, handmade, authentic way in the form of sourdough. Our delicious loaves are full of holes with a firm spring crust.


We use a ‘starter’, an alive and bubbly, fermented combination of organic flour and water. We add that to our dough and let the combination ferment and rise for several hours with a series of stretches and folds. We add salt and leave it to ferment for a further 48 hours in the fridge. This long fermentation process makes vital nutrients and minerals much simpler for our bodies to absorb, including zinc, magnesium, iron, folic acid, B vitamins and a number of antioxidants. Sourdough bread is more nutritious and easier to digest than regular loaves. For people with digestive issues, switching from processed bread to sourdough often reduces digestive discomfort. 



We bake a range of sourdoughs depending on which ingredients are in season (and what we feel like eating!). There’s nothing like foraging for wild garlic for sourdough bread in Springtime.


Examples of the types of sourdough we make are;

Plain sourdough - simple and absolutely delicious


Rosemary and garlic

Caramelised red onion and cheddar

Wild garlic and Parmesan

Sun dried tomato and cheddar

Sunflower seed

Sesame seed

Chocolate sourdough

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